Never again will one generation of Veterans abandon another.

Vietnam Reflections


© 1988 Chapter 172 Vietnam Veterans of America


Several members of Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 172 and emerging realist painter Lee Teter came to the chapter with an inspirational idea that was developed at the kitchen table. As a result of those discussions, the painting "Reflections" emerged.

Lee Teter paints with remarkable accuracy, and in this case, he depicted panels 29 and 30 East of the Vietnam Wall. Many names can be seen in their actual position on the Wall.

The images of servicemen reflected in the Wall and their comrades were created with live models using a full length Plexiglas panel in Teter's cousin's yard.

Some of the live models were Chapter 172 members Jim Williams, Mike Thompson, Bill Custer and Dale Layton. Michael "Mickey" Banks, a veteran who lost his life in Vietnam is also depicted from a family photo.  Dave Arnold (with rifle) & Jane Bass are Lee's relations and were never in the service.  Williams, is depicted in business attire at his suggestion rather than in fatigues as was first presented to the members at Lee's kitchen table.

The "Reflections" print is an open edition with an image size of 26" x 19" or 8" x 10" printed in high resolution using permanent ink on archive quality acid free paper.